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done here. go to @zerofade94

done here. go to @zerofade94
Apr 17 '12

Here’s the demo version of one of my favorite songs by The Jam, “I Got By In Time.” I love the melody and beat, but the lyrics are also really big for me. They’re bittersweet and nostalgic, about the people who come and go from your life. Exes and close friends that you lose touch with. I’ve had this album on cassette since the mid ’90s and I remember this song being particularly poignant to me as I was graduating high school. It usually boggles my mind to think that The Jam were teenagers when they recorded their first album, 1977’s “In The City.” (Paul Weller was born in 1958.) But, when I consider how much this song meant to me when I was eighteenish, their age at the time of recording makes sense.

This is from a collection of demos from ‘75-‘77 so I can’t help but wonder if Weller was even 18 when they recorded this. Man, and listen to the snarl in his voice. For the record (yuk yuk yuk), I like the faster album version better, but this is still cool to hear.

Note: The photo is from the site Why not, right?

  1. millioninprizes said: Trivia: I was born the same month, day and year as Paul Weller.
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