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done here. go to @zerofade94

done here. go to @zerofade94
Oct 6 '12

Hey by The Pixies

Listened to this album, “Doolittle,” front to back for the first time in years. I think it’s terrific. I’ve owned it in some form for twenty years now and, a not too long ago, I reached the point where I felt I knew it well enough that I didn’t have to listen to it. 

You ever do that? Throw on an old favorite, expecting to be engrossed, but instead it sends you on some kind of nostalgia trip and the music itself is so engrained in your subconscious that you forget it’s on?

It had been long enough with “Doolittle” that I could listen to it with fresh ears, and I was really pleased. Not that I had any groundbreaking discoveries. I was just reaffirming the fact that this is one of my favorite albums.

I got it in 8th grade when a girl that I liked dubbed it for me *SWOON*. I have memories of skateboarding to it, pillaging it for mixtapes for at least a decade, and even sitting on the couch in the den at my family’s old, old, old house, eating a mug of soup and listening to it, getting up the nerve to call the girl. It was one of the first alt-rock albums I ever had, made extra significant by the band being from Boston, where I lived. I was 13, and convinced nothing cool would ever happen, but here it was, cold hard proof that cool things were in fact happening, less than 10 miles away.

  1. petecorrie said: I actually never gave them a try until this year when Anda finally got through to me and I bought her a bootleg album as a gift. Doolittle sits shotgun to that one for me. Still, despite that cover I wish I’d had this to skate to.
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