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done here. go to @zerofade94

done here. go to @zerofade94

Posts tagged haikus

Jul 30 '13

Haiku 7/29

Work was pretty nice.

Burger waitress not so nice.

Spaghetti sauce nice.

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Jul 29 '13

Haiku 7/28

We fed the cats late

and went to bed. Woke up to

sounds of cats puking.

Jul 27 '13

Haiku 7/26

Overtired and

overcaffeinated at

work, clicking the mouse.

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Jul 26 '13

Haiku 7/25

Work is busy in

a good way, so the days fly.

Roast chicken dinner.

Tags: haikus chicken
Jul 25 '13

Haiku 7/24

Ahh, a night at home.

Ahh, a homemade dinner of

rubbery salmon.

Jul 24 '13

Haiku 7/23

Kevin’s benefit

raised a lot of money and

was entertaining.

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Jul 23 '13

Haiku 7/22

In-town vacation

continues at a White Sox

game, watching them lose.

Jul 22 '13

Haiku 7/21

Back to Pitchfork Fest.

Free beer in the VIP.

Killer Mike on point.

Jul 21 '13

Haiku 7/20

Went to Pitchfork Fest

and then to an arcade bar.

Fourth grade me is proud.

Jul 20 '13

Haiku 7/19

Sweating, showering,

sweating while eating pizza,

sweating in my sleep.